@jetjs/core package


Name Description
AbstractVisitor Abstract Visitor that provides empty default implementation, so concrete Visitor implementation only needs to implement methods that are required.
AliasAstExtensionVisitor Visitor implementation to resolve Alias and PluginChains to normal Plugins AST
AssignPluginParameterVisitor Visitor implementation to assign the parameter (defined as data attributes) to the associated plugin
DefaultPluginLoader Default Loading Strategy for Plugins: Assume that all plugins loaded before Parsing will be started.
DefaultWalker Walker to traverse the Plugin Definition AST defined by the PluginDefinition Type in Types.ts This class is used to decouple the traversing strategy from the AST, so the AST is only a data structure without any methods. If there is need for another traversing strategy, wen can implement another Walker. The Walker is part of the Visitor Pattern.
LoadPluginVisitor Visitor implementation to load all Plugins
PluginExecutionVisitor Visitor implementation to execute Plugins
PluginParser Plugin Parser searches the DOm for plugin definitions and uses the generated Parser to create the AST. After Parsing is done, the parameters are extracted from the DOM and assinged to the AST.
PrettyPrintVisitor Visitor implementation to pretty print a plugin definition


Name Description
PluginLoader Interface to implement different Strategies to load plugins. E.g. AmdPluginLoader in the future to load plugins if they are needed.